My Story

From humble beginnings to international stage 
– If I could do it, anyone can do it. 

I grew up as a child of a single mom. We didn’t have much money, but I learned a few things growing up.

I learned how important it was for my mum to be there for us, and also how hard it was for her to take care of us.

And, partially, because of that I always had 2 goals. 

I wanted to be someone, I wanted to matter. 
I wanted to achieve something significant.

I went to a school that introduced me to canoeing and very soon sports was how I saw my path. 

With my mother’s help I overcame teachers who called me mentally retarded and told me that I would never be good at anything.
I had a coach who inspired me, and I worked and worked and worked.
And yet, as a kid, I couldn’t break into the top tier. I was good, but I couldn't break into the top and that is when I was introduced to mindset conditioning. 
As a kid in just a year, I went from never getting into the finals to reach second place in national.
Then years followed and I became multiple times a national champion. I competed regionally and internationally and I won a world championship. 
All because I was dedicated, hard-working and because of the transformation I have experienced through mindset conditioning, that gave me the skills and the tools to get where I am today.

And then sports couldn't be my future anymore. 
I moved to Australia.
I had $80 in my pocket, a month of rent prepaid and an opportunity to study in English when I couldn't speak a word. 
I had to work all the time and when I say all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME. 
I had two jobs during the day from 2:30am till 4pm and school in the afternoon from 5pm till 9pm and then after school I studied at home so I wouldn’t get kicked out of the country. 
It was hard to say the least. 

Do you know what kept me going?
Being mentally strong, physically healthy and being focused on my fundamentals that delivered me success in sport, now delivered me success in life. 
Very soon I moved, I changed jobs, I graduated, I become a personal trainer, I had my own place to stay and I didn't have to go to work at 2:30am in the morning anymore, life felt pretty good.

Then, in my 30s the most unexpected but eventually a wonderful thing has happened. I fell in love and we had a baby girl. Is it cliché to say my whole life has changed again? 

All of sudden I went back supporting 3 people on 1 income.
Now I’m back, working multiple jobs.
I find myself not taking care of myself. 
I am back working so hard as a personal trainer and I am getting injured.
I am exhausted at night. I don’t see my daughter and not spending the time with her she deserves. 
Suddenly, I am back feeling like what I went through as a kid. Not in a good way. 

Then, I realised something. I needed to go back to my fundamentals. 
I needed to get back being mentally strong, being physically healthy and taking care of myself. 
I realised that if I was not going to be strong and healthy myself, then I could not be strong, healthy, productive and successful for my family. 
I am on that journey now. 
I am healthier today then I was two years ago. I have less injuries. I have a little more time and I am still working on that. 
I have also learnt something incredible. 
I have discovered that, the only thing that ever matched the feeling I had when I heard the sound of the cheering crowd as a world champion is the look in my daughter’s eyes when we get to spend time together. It’s not the same, nor comparable, one aren't better than the other.


My request as a kid was to be someone that mattered and now I know I am someone!
Not because of the medals, not because of the world championship, not because I got the job, but because I am healthy, happy, mentally strong, focused and present enough with my daughter to be someone for her.
That is the transformation I want to help you, my clients and my students with.
This goes beyond health, goes beyond physical training and being the buffest guy in the gym.

My mission now is about assisting you taking hold of your life. Taking control of your mind-set. Taking control of your health, your self-care. To remove the fears & mental blocks that are holding you back. To free yourself from Anxiety, Frustration, Anger, Self-Sabotage and Procrastination. To increase your confidence, your self-esteem so You become unstoppable. To connect deep into your purpose, feel loved, empowered.
To achieve long-lasting results and Live Your Life on Your Terms!

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