Mindset Conditioning?

What if you could learn the art of mindset conditioning? Just like how the Olympians conditioned to be in peak state in the exact moment they need to be. 

Get certified by an elite athlete, and learn the ins and outs of programming YOUR and/or your clients unconscious mind from a world class athlete who lives and breaths this subject. 

Hypnotherapy is an exciting & dynamic tool for profound, deep healing and performance enhancement. 
After completing this premium course, you will have the skills to help yourself with self-hypnosis and on the way set up and run your own professional Hypnotherapy practice.

About the Weekend

Our mindset conditioning weekend is a 3 days of practical hands-on self-hypnosis course. 
Excellent for anyone who wants to learn hypnotherapy. 
After the successful completion of this course you will be able to use self-hypnosis  easily and effortlessly. 

Once you attend this course, you can then move on to study our full Diploma Program, (recognised by the Australian Hypnotherapists Association - AHA) if you are looking for a Hypnotherapy Provider number for your business. If you are already a member of the AHA, then you will be pleased to know, it is also recognised as CPD points.

Condition Your Unconscious Mind To:

• Better Health
• Reduce Stress & Anxiety
• Increase Sport Performance
• Better Financial Situation
• Be More Focused And Confident
• Be in a Healthy Happy Relationship

Why Attend The Mindset Conditioning Weekend:


Hypnotherapy has been used in personal & professional development for many years. 
Have you ever felt stuck? Felt like, "no matter what you do, just can not seem to go forward"? 

In this is hands-on training we focus on how to eliminate and breaking down old unuseful habits and create new empowering place to live in. 
You will have the opportunity to experience and receive the positive benefits of Hypnotherapy from a world class athlete. 


Are you a practitioner already? Would you like to expand your practice? Increase your clientele, add Hypnotherapy as part of your skill set? 
The average Hypnosis session ranges from $150-$500 so you can have a positive return on your investment in a very short time.

Are you contemplating a career change, or are you a professional looking to upskill?

If you have a desire to live a better life or help people and make a difference in their lives, this course is for you!

Now more than ever, people are needing to heal old wounds. Anxiety, Panic Attacks, is at epidemic levels, fear is paramount and Situational PTSD is on the rise. In our fast paced world we have forgotten how to slow down and look after ourselves and one another.

Due to the popularity of Hypnotherapy and demand for quality Hypnotherapists, there has never been a better time to become a practitioner now - do what we teach and you will be busy very quickly!

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